Trademark and Copyright Law

Give your brand and creations the protection they deserve.

You’ve worked hard to come up with an awesome brand and amazing innovations. Make sure they’re protected the right way. We have decades of experience in intellectual property — and we can handle your applications and license agreements for 70% less than comparable firms.

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Trademark and copyright registrations need to be done right. But they don’t have to be so expensive.

Your brand is everything, and you want to protect it. But the options seem impossible: either a low-cost DIY provider, or large firms that charge $5,000 for a straightforward trademark application. Even boutique firms charge $3,000. We can do most applications for half that. Our goal is always the same: when it comes to choosing between high quality and low cost, our answer is, you should have both.

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If you’re creating content, then you need to consider copyrights.

Whether it’s a video series, social media posts, music, books, articles, photos, code, graphic designs, games — or any kind of content — we can help you protect it. We handle dozens of copyright registrations every year. And we help everyone navigate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and what it means for them.