One of America’s top boutique litigation firms

Led by nationally-renowned litigator Tristan Snell, our litigation team has won victories against the toughest opponents, on the biggest cases, with millions or even billions at stake.  We understand that the goal of handling a dispute is not to win an argument – it’s to win the best outcome for you as a client, whether that means winning in court or reaching a positive settlement.  We handle select cases on a contingency fee basis, and our hourly rates are 46-75% lower than at comparable firms.

Commercial and Contract Cases

Whether it’s a nonpayment, or some other breach of contract, or there was some kind of misrepresentation, we handle all kinds of contract and commercial litigation, as well as arbitrations, mediations, demand letters, and settlement negotiations.

Consumer and Personal Cases

We’re zealous advocates for plaintiffs injured by predatory consumer practices, privacy breaches, harmful or defective products, and anything that harms your health or property.  We are currently taking select cases on a contingency fee basis, where you pay zero fees unless we win a favorable outcome for you.

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Intellectual Property

With deep experience in patent, copyright, and trademark disputes, our team can handle any IP litigation or other issues you may face.  We’ve won numerous major victories before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), federal courts across the country, and at the International Trade Commission (ITC).