Content Creators

Legal Work, By Creators, for Creators

We’ve been veterans of the creator economy for almost a decade and have our own successful content channels – and we’ve worked with hundreds of creators, management companies, and distribution companies. And not just in video: we represent top podcasters and newsletter creators too. Now we’re building the top digital media law firm in America.

Brand Deals and Other Contracts

Whether it’s your latest brand deal, your new management deal, or a new product you’re launching, we’ve got you covered.  We’ll help you fight for the terms you deserve and work with you every step of the way.


Your brand is everything, and you want to protect it. But the options seem impossible: either low-cost DIY, or large firms that charge $5,000 for a straightforward trademark application. We can do most applications for less than half of that. Our goal is always the same: when it comes to choosing between high quality and low cost, our answer is, you should have both.


DMCA issues don’t need to be so confusing – or expensive.  We work on takedown issues, we register copyrights with the Copyright Office, and we also advise clients on copyright issues before they become problems.

We also have deep experience with infringement, fair use, and Section 230 issues.  We can solve problems and craft resolutions before any litigation starts – and we can go all the way on litigation if it’s necessary.