Business Formation

We’re bringing Main Street back.  Start your business today.

It may not seem like it, but now is the time to start a new business.  We’re empowering a renaissance of American entrepreneurship, starting with you.  Let us work on the foundation so you can build your dream.

Business Formation Law

Don’t DIY your dream.  Your business deserves the best.

Forming a new business involves a lot more than just creating a new LLC.  Every business is different, and you need someone in your corner.  Our lawyers have graduated from America’s top law schools and worked at America’s best law firms.  We’ve helped build dozens of amazing companies, with fees up to 80% cheaper than at large firms.  Let’s get started!

Business Formation Lawyer

Whatever your business is,
we can help you build it.

We handle LLCs, C-Corps, S-Corps, partnerships, and nonprofits.  Our clients range from media to retail to professional services to tech to entertainment.  You name it, we’ve probably done it.  We represent social media stars with tens of millions of followers, top digital and design agencies, red-hot startups, venture funds and family offices.  We specialize in helping individual entrepreneurs and founders as well.  Whether you think of your business as a startup, a family business, or a personal brand, we’ve got you.  We will make sure you not only have the right paperwork in place, but the personalized advice you need and deserve.  Take your first step and contact us now!